Founded on the principle of bringing high-quality, authentic Italian handcrafted gelato and sorbet into the streets of your neighborhood, Frostyworld™ is taking on the challenge of scooping happiness across the globe.

With a crazy idea in mind, we wanted to revolutionize the frozen dessert industry and say goodbye to the good old-fashioned scoop. The idea, Spaghetti Gelato! Sounds crazy, right? But really, it's not.  

Made of fresh, local, and delicious ingredients, customizable to your taste, we introduced our Spaghetti Gelato Sundae in our hometown of Pensacola. And yes, it was a hit. With its rich flavor, smooth-creamy texture, and unique look it is like any other frozen dessert you have ever seen. 


Planning a family get together, wedding, birthday party or corporate event? Frostyworld™ is by your side providing exceptional customer care and a great tasting product everyone is going to talk about.

For more information regarding catering matters, please visit our catering section or give us a call.  

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