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This Is Our Story

Founded on the principle of bringing high-quality, authentic Italian gelato and sorbet into the streets of your neighborhood, Frostyworld™ has taken on the challenge of scooping happiness across the globe by sharing our love and passion for premium desserts to the people in our community. 

Our mission is simple, creating smiles one cup at a time, because we value these sweet little moments we all share in life. Frostyworld™ is by your side providing exceptional customer care and great tasting products at your next family gathering, wedding, birthday party or corporate event.

For more information regarding catering matters, please visit our catering section or give us a call.  


Giuliano Calasso


"I created this company to keep my grandfathers legacy and heritage alive who unfortunately has passed away in 2009 due to pancreatic cancer. This one's for you grandpa. I miss you!"


Salvatore Calasso

& Brigitte Calasso

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